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Stopping Repossession


Repossession is one of the worst experiences any home owner can face.

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Every one deserves a house of their own. You work hard and save money to get on the property ladder. Then you do your very best to keep up with your mortgage payments. And then, for no intentional fault of your own, you start to get behind mortgage payments.

People miss payments because of financial pressures. For many, it could be job loss, illness, bereavement in family, bitter divorce or separation, business debts or other financial reasons.

In today's climate, most lenders are becoming less patient and threatening house repossessions at earliest stages.

However most repossessions can be stopped.

Easiest way to stop repossession is to find some one who will buy the property which will pay off all the debts including mortgage and any secured loans. Another way is to communicate with the lender and explain your situation (this may get you some more time).

We have experience of stopping repossessions at the last moment. In one instance, we managed for the bailiffs to be called back from the property by lender. Although it was possible to save this property from getting repossessed, this is an extreme example of the home owner leaving things till too late. We definitely do not recommended leaving things to chance.

It is best to take action as early as possible - rather than hoping that the problem may go away some how - because it will not. Lenders want their money back and they emply an army of lawers to help them do that.


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