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Stop My Repossession Today

Relax - 95% repossessions can be stopped! 

How can you help stop my repossession?

It is simple. We know what the rules and regulations are. We what courts want and we also know how to make the system to work for you.

Think about this - lenders are using the rules of this land. The only difference is: lenders have specialist solicitors on staff and their only role is to look after the interest of their employer (or their client).

No home owner has an in-house team of solicitors. And when lenders get impatient for their money and start making heavy demands on the borrower, home owners do not know where to turn to.

Last thing most borrowers are doing at this point is thinking straight. But the only thing they should be doing is: talk to professionals.

However the problem is: most professionals cost money - lots of money! They charge by the hour... hundreds of pounds an hour in some instances.

But at Instant Angels, we are committed to help home owners stop repossession as long as they want to do business with us. We have a team of lawers who will act for you - at no cost to you.

Yeap... that is right! It will not cost you NOT a single penny.

If your lender is threatening repossession then we will put you in touch with our solicitors. They help people in the exact situation like you all day, every day.

They are specialist solicitors who know what the next step ought to be.  They are not only well versed in law, they have years of experience in helping people to stop repossession of their homes. 

What ever steps are necessary - they will take them on your behalf. Every case is different, so it is not possible to list every step that will be required in your circumstances. But as a rought guide, this is they will often do:

  1. They will get in touch with your lender to get the facts and inform them that they are now acting for you.
  2. They will get in touch with your local court to find out what is required to stop repossession (Hint: in our experience, if the case is handled in a professional manner, courts are likely to favour the borrower because the last things judges prefer is making families home less).
  3. If the case requires urgent attention, our solicitors will make sure that it is done in time. 

And cherry on the cake? It would not cost you a penny if Instant Angels are buying your property.


Are you worried that your house may be repossessed? 

Click here to stop repossession

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