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Repossession Consultation

You do not have to go through repossession hell!

If your property is repossessed, you will not only lose your property, it will almost certainly damage your credit rating too. And this will affect your ability to deal with most financial institutions like banks or credit card companies for many years.

However you do not have to go through the repossession at all. This is because there is a possible solution that can work for almost any seller who is in mortgage arrears.

Contact us and one of our consultants will take you through the options you have. Consultation is absolutely free and without any obligation. In other words, you do not have to follow one single piece of advice. Just listen, and then decide what is right for you.

But it is definitely worth a 15 minute phone conversation.

Leave your details here and our consultant will call you for a quick chat. You have nothing to lose.

Repossession Leaves Bad Taste
Repossession will get the owner bad credit ratings. In other words, if you plan to apply for credit cards, bank account, a business or personal loan or even a mortgage in the next few years then you may have to struggle.

When you apply for a house to rent, landlords will do a credit check on you, and when the low ratings show up then only a brave landlord will offer their property to rent. And that with probably a much higher rent, higher deposit, referees or other conditions.

Your mortgage arrears may not be your own fault - they could be due to unavoidable circumstances - like job, health or family circumstances - which you probably would have avoided if you could. 

Although past can not be changed, you can almost certainly change the future with the actions you take today.

Your property does not have to be repossessed. It is avoidable. We deal with these situations every day.

Just contact us now and let our consultant call you for a 15 minute chat. After discussing your situation, arrears and other basic details, he will come up with a solution that just works for you.

Consultation is absolutelty free. You do not pay us anything now, or ever!

And we guarantee that  if you follow advice, there will be NO repossession. Obviously you do not have to follow our advise - but is worth a try.

Give it a go by filling details here. Let's talk - and put the repossession hell behind you!