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Stop Repossession

If you contact us in time then we can help you avoid or stop repossession.

We are not the estate agents. So we do not have to find a buyer for your property. We ARE the buyers. We buy all types of residential property. It can be in any condition.

We try to make the process as much hassle free for you as possible. We can complete the purchase within 2-4 weeks (or quicker if required).

How we work

  • Submit your property details on our website (Click Here).
  • Or Email (Click here to send Email).
  • We will explain how we work. If you wish to take this further then we will make an appointment to view your house.
  • We discuss your time scales, i.e. how quickly you need to sell the house etc. This discussion helps us understand how best we can help you. For example if repossession is looming then we will explain what steps your solicitors can or will take to delay the proceedings and give you more time. If your circumstances are different then we will discuss how best we can help. 
  • An offer is made within 24 hours of visiting your house. We offer trade value of the house, which is usually between 70-80% of the market value. Remember, you are under no obligation to accept our offer.
  • If you decide to proceed then we instruct the solicitors to Exchange the Contracts. This makes us contractually obliged to buy the property.
  • Completion soon after, which means that the cash arrives into your account within weeks of contacting us.
  • Quick sale of your house gives you a fresh start!

All our offers are without any obligation. If you accept our offer then we will guarantee to buy your house - no excuses, no ifs or buts... and no conditions! However if you do not like the offer or do not want to proceed for any other reason then we'll wish you best of luck and part ways. 

Advantages of a Quick Sale

We pay trade prices (70-80%) but we can guarantee to purchase your property. Dealing with us direct means that you get no last minute surprises (e.g. buyer pulled out at the last minute or chain collapsed etc) which are usually associated with dealing with estate agents.

As we do not have to sell one property to buy another, there are no chains to complete. We even pay your legal fees, so the price you agree is the price you get. No estate agent fees, no closing costs, no hastle and a guaranteed sale!

When we make you an offer and you accept, you can be certain that we will keep our side of the bargain.

  • Our trade offers are fair and ethical.
  • You can have money in weeks (or quicker in some cases).
  • You do not have to worry about all sorts of 'interested' people poking around your house with a view to buy.
  • We are not middle men. We are buyers. So you save estate agent fees (which is often thousands of pounds)
  • You do not have to worry about being part of a housing chain - hoping that some one will sell their house first before buying your's. We work to your time scales, not our's.
  • We can pay other fees for you too, e.g. solicitors fee, surveyor etc.

Important: Please be aware that if you have a contract with an Estate Agent then you may still need to pay them. It is therefore highly advisable to clarify the terms of your contract with the agent. 


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